haskell, darcs, hledger, finance
July 24, 2013

darcs hub repo stats, hledger balance sheet

Recent activity:

I fixed another clumsy query on darcs hub, making the all repos page faster. Experimented with user and repo counts on the front page. I like it, but haven’t deployed to production yet. It costs about a quarter of a second in page load time (one 50ms couch query to fetch all repos, plus my probably-suboptimal filtering and sorting).

I’ve finally learned how many of those names on the front page have (public) repos behind them (144 out of 319), and how many private repos there are (125, higher than expected!).

Thinking about what is really most useful to have on the front page. Keep listing everything ? Just top 5 in various categories ? Ideas welcome.

Did a bunch of bookkeeping today, which inspired my first hledger commit in a while. I found the balancesheet command (abbreviation: bs) highly useful for a quick snapshot of assets and liabilities to various depths (add –depth N). The Equity section was just a distraction though, and I think it will be to most hledger users for the time being, so I removed it.