darcs, haskell
July 23, 2013

hub hacking

More darcs hub activity, including some actual app development (yay):

Added news links to the front page.

Cleaned up hub’s docs repo and updated the list of blockers on the roadmap.

Updated/closed a number of issues, including the app-restarting #58, thanks to a fast highlighting-kate fix by John McFarlane.

Tested and configured the issue-closing commit posthook in the darcsden trunk repo. Commits pushed/merged there whose message contains the regex (closes #([0-9]+)|resolves #([0-9]+)|fixes #([0-9]+)) will now close the specified issue, with luck.

Consolidated a number of modules to help with code navigation, to be pushed soon.

Improved the redirect destination when deleting or forking repos or creating/commenting/closing issues.

Fixed a silly whitespace issue when viewing a patch, where the author name and date run together. I’m still confused about the specific code that generates this - the code I expect uses tables but firebug shows divs. A mystery for another day..