darcs, haskell
June 19, 2013

darcsden cleanup

Back to the dev diary. Last post was 11 days ago, after a two-week opening streak of daily posts. I got blocked on one, then got busy. Press on.

Yesterday I started looking at BSRK Aditya’s GSOC darcsden enhancements, to review and hopefully deploy on darcs hub. So far he has worked on alternate login methods (github/google), password reminder, and darcs pack support (for faster gets).

This is forcing some darcsden cleanup, my first darcsden work in a while aside from routine ops and support tasks. I’m going to release what’s in trunk as 1.1, and then start assimilating the new work by BSRK, Ganesh Sittampalam and anyone else who feels like chipping in. Started putting together release notes and a hub status update.

The support requests seem to be on the rise - more usage ? I also found a good bug today: viewing a certain 1K troff file causes darcs hub’s memory footprint to blow up to 1.5G :)

It would be great to have more functionality (like highlighting) broken out into separate, expendable worker processes, erlang style.