hledger, haskell
June 2, 2013

hledger 0.21 released

As promised yesterday, here is the next hledger release. Today was not the customary 1-hour-ish-hack-and-blog session - I had a quiet day available and used it all. So I’ll let the release notes do the talking.

I’m pleased to announce hledger and hledger-web 0.21!

hledger is a command-line tool and haskell library for tracking financial transactions, which are stored in a human-readable plain text format. In addition to reporting, it can also help you record new transactions, or convert CSV data from your bank. Add-on packages include hledger-web (providing a web interface), hledger-irr and hledger-interest.

hledger is inspired by and compatible with John Wiegley’s Ledger. For more, see http://hledger.org .

Install it:

cabal update; cabal install hledger [hledger-web]

For more installation help, see http://hledger.org/MANUAL.html#installing . Or, sponsor a ready-to-run binary for your platform: http://hledger.org/DOWNLOAD.html .

Release notes:

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