hledger, haskell, ops
May 29, 2013

Dependency updates, HP testing

Following yesterday, the plan for today’s hacking session was loose: do as much as possible of

I started on the cabal install issue and haskell platform testing. I wasn’t able to see any obvious dependency showstopper, and cabal was getting further with each manual constraint I added, so I thought I’d upgrade it and see if some of the obscure dependency solver options made a difference. Pretty soon I got caught up in a flurry of ghc/cabal/HP updates and cleanup on several machines.

I also worked with the Planet Haskell maintainer to get this blog’s first two posts appearing on the planet as I intended. So if you follow the planet in a feed reader (I like bazqux), you’ll see my intro posts now. Tip: planet haskell normally accepts only the two most recent posts from a newly-added blog, so if you’re starting one, wait for it to appear on the planet before posting much.

Tomorrow: back to the cabal install issue for more staring at entrails. This year’s GSOC project on further improving cabal-install’s user feedback is most welcome.