haskell, hledger
May 25, 2013

Balance assertions for hledger

First developer diary entry. I am inspired by Joey Hess’s terrific daily git-annex dev posts over the last year.

Today I began adding ledger’s balance assertions feature to hledger, since it’s next in the 0.21 todo list on the hledger planning board.

This lets you write =EXPECTEDBALANCE after a posting in a journal file, in which case the parser will check the running total in that account after that posting, and fail if it’s not EXPECTEDBALANCE. This will be very good for preventing errors such as instability in reconciled balances caused by “harmless” cleanups in old data…

In this 45 minute session I:

And there we have it. In the next session I hope to finish cleaning up this test mess, and remember the design I had in mind for implementing this.